Le 2800 du parc - Mauricie

About us


On August 22, 1970, the federal-provincial agreement sanctioning the creation of a national park in the St-Maurice Valley was signed in Saint-Jean-des-Piles. Following the signing of this agreement, a protected natural area was created. In June 1977, La Mauricie National Park officially becomes Canada's 22nd national park.

Thanks to Jean Chrétien, the federal minister responsible for national parks at the time, the public and national and international tourists were able to enjoy this magnificent site. At the time of its inauguration, it was reiterated time and again that the region should be equipped with the services needed to create an attractive tourist attraction.

A few decades later, Monsieur Chrétien is said to have shared his regret at the lack of accommodation at the entrance to La Mauricie National Park since its opening.

That's how our establishment was born - Le 2800 du Parc! Our idea was to create a warm, authentic place where people could come together to get back to basics and enjoy life, before and after their adventures in La Mauricie National Park. We want to help people discover and connect with the natural panorama of the Mauricie region.

In 2021, as part of the Park's 50th anniversary, we welcomed Jean Chrétien to inaugurate our site.

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